This unmistakable face with its “duck-beak” did already enchant thousands of bikers. It goes without saying that a bike that inspired so many has to possess the corresponding quality.

The BMW R 1200 GS was first introduced in 2004 and is sold very successfully all over the world. The last update of the BMW R 1200 GS in 2008 surely was a small sensation when BMW as the worlds’ first manufacturer announced the ESA system for the R 1200 GS!

ESA is a great “invention” as you can modify the suspension damping in three steps while riding. In addition you can setup the spring preload easily and comfortably by simply pressing a button.

What wasn’t possible anymore was to retrofit aftermarket shock absorbers to match for example very light or heavy riders. Neither was it possible to install a Wilbers shock to achieve the popular seating height lowering!

Now the world sensation is available! A Wilbers suspension, individually built to the riders‘ requirements and even fit for lowering the motorcycle for up to 65 mm without surrendering the ESA system – or better: the “Wilbers-WESA”.

After a long time of intensive development we now introduce a „Wilbers-WESA” suspension for the worlds’ top-selling BMW. “Wilbers-WESA” is individually built for each customer, no matter how tall or heavy the client might be. No matter how big the loading – all this with a lowering of up to 65 mm. We made the ESA control compatible with the Wilbers suspension technology.

We managed to pair the BMW ESA system with our Wilbers technology thus keeping the great ESA function in connection with a tailor made setup in damping and spring rate respectively in seating height. Henceforward both, the 60 kg customer as well as the 150 kg customer can enjoy a completely new riding sensation on the R 1200 GS-ESA!

In addition a lowering solution for the ESA-GS is finally deliverable so that the feet of shorter or more sedate customers can reach the ground up to 65 mm earlier!

The “Wilbers-WESA” suspension units are available in standard height, lowering for 35 mm or even 65 mm – all taylor made in accordance to operation purpose and loading situation!

Before you send us your front and rear shocks for rebuild, set the BMW ESA system to “comfort” and “solo-riding”. Afterwards unplug the ESA control and send the complete shocks to your desired Wilbers partner. Possible addresses you can find on our website. Quote your weight and the weight of your pillion, payload and luggage weight as well as your riding style.

The basic setup is characterized by a very harmonic and sensitive damping which increases overall comfort and, due to the clear feedback, gives you a better feeling for the surface!

The so called “traffic-light-syndrome” which is best known to shorter bikers totally disappears after lowering the motorcycle for 35 or 65 mm! It is only natural that afterwards riding through city traffic is much more fun despite all stoplights. Safety is also increased because now the ground is securely reachable with both feet! Send us your original suspension elements as described above after you made an appointment for the coupling or installation. That way we can guarantee the delivery time of 14 working days needed to build the suspension elements.

You’ll immediately recognize our WESA products by their orange springs. The spring rate is picked individually and in reference to the motorcycles’ loading. Although you might be used to have more choices at Wilbers, in this case it’s not possible to order the springs in different colours.

In case of any further questions or if you need product information our team is looking forward to assisting you Mon to Fri 09:00 a.m. till 5:30 p.m. Sat 9.00 till 1.00 p.m! 0121 501 3321