For the Night Rod Special we designed a special set of shock absorbers with an outer diameter of 85 mm, a stroke of 100 mm on the wheel axle, adjustable in rebound or even compression by 22 clicks each and with continuously adjustable preload!! Built completely of 7075 airplane aluminum an anodized black as the night! Seating position? Not one millimetre higher than original!!! Comfort? 100% better than standard!! We call this new line: Wilbers “Night-Line” TS 640 or TS 642 und they are works of art which seamlessly integrate in the design of the Night Rod Special. They are simply horney with a perfect setting! In spite of the special carbon coating of the piston rod and the silk-matt surface of all aluminum parts we can deliver the shocks at the end of January 2009. Nonetheless you can order them right now!!
One set TS 640-894-00 without compression tank € Ring
One set TS 642-894-00 with compression tank € Ring
The set of fitting progressive fork springs is € Ring
The correct fork oil viscosity 7.5 SAE costs per litre € Ring
(You’ll need two litres of fork oil for the fork reconstruction!)

“The Boss on the Flat-Rod” is nothing less than the relatively unsuccessful Streetrod with a lowering to 45 mm. This transforms the quite high Streetrod to a “Flat-Rod”. It just doesn’t look much better this way, but also the handling is much better! Shorter shock absorbers with enough stroke for riding with a pillion and maximum comfort in the TS 640 Black-Line or TS 642 Black-line edition – so with or without compression reservoir:

TS 640-936-00 1 set without reservoir, 22 clicks rebound for € Ring!

TS 642-936-00 1 set with reservoir and additional 22 clicks. Each in high- and low-speed compression adjustment for € Ring!
Continuously variable spring preload with the help of the included spanner!
1 Set of linear fork springs for € Ring! (made of chrome-silicon spring steel)
Fork lowering valves for € Ring to lower the fork for 45 mm!
2 Litres of fork oil viscosity 7.5 SAE for € RingMRSP, price per litre!

At present our team develops a suspension for the V-Rod with a year of construction before 2007 and at the same time one for the V-Rod built after 2007. Although a lot of experts believe that the suspension elements of those motorcycles are basically the same. This is indeed not the case. Even the setting angles are different and that leads to different spring- and damping-rates!
The next Rod we are going to prepare is probably the new Muscle, because “this beast” will surely be sold successfully. Again we’ll offer the suspension parts TS 640 and TS 642 either in Black-line or in Night-line. Maybe both and you have a say in the matter!!
Of course not only the new Rod models are currently under development. Also the new Nightster with its very limited stroke will gets some comfort built-in. So the Harley fever is spreading
and more special suspension solutions can be expected!!