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Went for a good run today the bike feels amazing , it tracks the road like its stuck to it , always thought the old standard shock was fine , how wrong was I ! and you were right the front now feels naff , excellent service job well done cannot believe the differance I was able to power on alot sooner with confidence compared to how it was , I will be back to get the front sorted soon! David Weston
My new rear shock landed this morning courtesy of Wilbers. Thus ensued a mad scrabbling of packaging, 45 minutes of spannering followed by a grin inducing razz round my local lanes. I ordered a standard shock built 10mm longer than stock with hydraulic pre-load and to put it simply, it's the best mod I've made to any bike I've owned. I haven't gone through the full set-up procedure (static sag, dynamic sag etc) as wilbers pre-set it to what should be correct settings at the factory given your weight, riding style etc. Even so the difference in handling is awesome. The bike now just feels so much more stable and yet quicker to turn at the same time. The part of the shock travel is so much more active and light compared to the old shock. Since getting the bike I've always felt the front end was a bit light and vague but this has transfomed it The riding position is marginally different but not radically so and to me feels much better than it did before. I've been meaning to order some 25mm risers for a while and got round to that today so hopefully that'll improve things further.
I'm really impressed with the shock. I've had WP and Ohlins units on crossers and my race rep so thought I'd try Wilbers on the GS. Time will tell how their build quality compares but for the moment I'm well impressed with the service, performance and quality
Piglet North Yorks

Reason I chose them over Ohlins is the service from importer is first class, very helpful and spec'd exactly as I wanted. Only heard good reports about quality and fitting etc. And of course they are up to 20% cheaper than similar Ohlin. Oh and the springs come in a nice shade of blue.

Sid N Devon

Fitted the shock you supplied me with, bloody marvellous! lot tauter and no wallowing, over the moon and will certainly recommend wilbers and your good selves!
Just thought I would let you know that I fitted my new shock to my 04 Varadero and what a difference!!!. Night and day. Its so good you don’t notice it. The bike just does what its supposed to do without any drama.

Set up is excellent. I would recommend Wilbers to anyone. Thanks for the prompt and courteous service.

David Wotherspoon

So. I said before i couldnt really tell that my original shock was worn out, but bloody hell i can now! i was so impressed with the ride quality and composure of the bike with the new shock on it. I didnt realise just how much the bike was squating under hard acceleration. Well impressed with the bike now, found myself gassing the bike harder in the corners, where before the bike would squat down and do strange things, it now just plants itself and launches out the corner.

Rough roads are a lot smoother now, the bike rides over the bumps instead of bouncing over them. I always thought my bike handled really well, but the difference is worlds apart now.
First ride out this year and had the front wheel skipping the tarmac on numerous occasions.

In summary, wow. If you can afford it, get yourself a top spec shock, you just wont be dissapointed!

big thumbs up!

Coxylaad - Fazer owners club

Cool, thanks for your speedy reply, you guys certainly get an excellent rating on the forum.....
Kind regards

Received today and they do look great! Beautifully packed and presented as well.
Thanks again for all your help in getting them to me so fast.