BMW telelever Wilbers Shock
Type 631 Ø 36 mm for Buell

Buell offers twin-feeling the American way. A completely customized engine converts the good old Milwaukee-Twin into a bike with aroand 100 HP and a lot of turning moment. The astonishingly short wheelbase empowers the Buell to easily manage steep curves. Unfortunately, if driven to its limits, the linkage and the shock-absorber reveal their weakness: To enable the short wheelbase, the shock was installed horizontally below the engine. The problem is that the shock has to be activated directly thus working on reboand- not on compression. Even worse, the suspension travel of the shock is shortened rendering the setup from difficult to impracticable.
Therefore Wilbers Products developed an inverse function, resetting the suspension systems function to conventional, namely to compression. Our shock absorber with 36 mm in diameter is provided with a flexible hose connected reservoir with the ability to adjust compression for low-speed and high-speed damping by 22 clicks each. The reboand is also easily adjusted by 22 clicks while the preload is always continuously adjustable. Through its suspension being variable in length you might raise or lower the motorcycles rear end. The Buell kit is also available for the Classic-line.


631-121-00 Buell linkage incl. shock absorber