Type 630 Road Ø 36 mm

for BMW’s with telescopic-lever front
What was constructed as an individual solution for the four-valve Boxers from BMW, is considered standard at Wilbers Products GmbH: A special edition shock absorber for the telescopic-suspension of the BMW whose mounting is exactly fitting the telescopic-lever. And not only for the Boxers, but also for a great variety of other models such as the K-series. The shock makes no compromises in durability, reaction or handling. Radial-shafts, wet run, and teflon coated swing-points herewith redefine the standard of a basic shock absorber. Of course, the shocks basis is continuously adjustable and the reboand can be tuned by the open-bleed system by 22 clicks, offering a vide range of set-up possibilities.

BMW telelever Wilbers Shock
Type 640 Road Ø 46 mm

The basic model of Wilbers-Racing-Suspension mono-shocks is essentially produced the same quality and contains the same technology as the more sophisticated versions therefore making no compromises in reaction and durability characteristics. The only exception is that it neither contains adjustable compression settings nor a piggyback reservoir. Of course, a radial piston with a wet bushing inside an oil bath and teflon coated swing points are included, as well as the continuously adjustable preload. The practical open bleed system allows you to individually adjust the reboand by 22 clicks. On the pictures, you see two different shocks at exactly the same price.

Type 641 Competition Ø 46 mm

with hose-connected header tank with this shock strut is guaranteed the connection to the expansion tank by a flexihose. That makes it the ideal alternative for road motorcycles with place problems. Because by the flexible hose a mounting of the header tank is possible, where place is - e.g. at the framework tail, where also the incident flow provides by the wind for additional cooling. Like that also the adjusting knobs for the Low speed (blue) and are the High speed range (red) of the compression phase, everyone in 22 stages adjustable, well from the outside attainable. The traction phase can be adjusted by an open Bleedsystem 22-clicks from the outside, the feather/spring basis is steplessly adjustable.

BMW Paralever Shock
K100 Rear Shock

Ø 36 mm with tiltable header tank at the milled piece with many motorcycles technical accessories or closely cut side parts the cultivation of a shock strut with header tank defeat type 633 Competition. If a cultivation is at all possible, then often at the price that the entrance to the adjusting knobs of the compression phase is not possible. With the new Competition shock strut such compromises of the past belong to 633. Here is moveable after loosening of a lock nut of the header tanks over up to 360°, until he does not offend anywhere more. The tightness is ensured to 100 per cent owing to two sealing rings. So the shock strut has the place, which it needs, and you have optimal comfort when adjusting the compression phase 22 Klicks each in the Low speed (blue) and High speed range (red).